Clive Owen
He crossed the Atlantic to appear in the ABC drama "Class of '61" (1993), as an Irish graduate of West Point who goes off to fight in the Civil War. Owen received strong notices for his seductive hedonist in "The Return of the Native" (CBS, 1994) and as Halle Berry's lover in "The Rich Man's Wife" (1996). After starring as a British private investigator in the series "Sharman" (1996), Owen essayed his most challenging role to date, playing a concentration camp inmate in Sean Matthias' film version of "Bent" (1997). As Max, the actor a powerful performance, skillfully negotiating the characters evolution from selfish and debonair decadent to caring individual. Owen and co-star Lothaire Bluteau wonderfully worked off one another in their scenes and both delivered star-making performances.

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